Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(NateX) #1078

Ability to sort market orders in different groups/folders or with different tags, as to be able to distinguish between different market opportunities. I.E a buyorder folder for specific ingredients to build t2 frigates.

(Giddy McFee) #1079

Suggestion: Have more features when entering multisell
A: Have the ability to multisell at current sell price -1 so you can in in hit place all items for sale on market as a seller rather than a buyer
B: Have the ability to sell at -/+ the regional price by percentage, so If we want to set multiple items for sale at regional average +2% (for example) we can do so easily.

Keywords: Selling, Market
Note: It will expand on options to get involved in the market with having to just mass sell as buyers price

(Fuzzy Pink) #1080

Suggestion : Smart defaults for cycle time and selected resource in planetary resources
Keywords: ui, industry, planetary resources
Note: Reduce repetitive and predictable input

Currently there is no default for extracted resource. The chances are 100% this is going to be the scan that is currently active. Make this default. Also the cycle type defaults to minimum. Have it default to last value selected. This slider is really tedious to work with so this would be a huge boon.

(Rowells) #1081

Suggestion: Improve ineraction between radial menu and various windows
Keywords: UI, Probe Scanner, Fleet window, Directional Scanner, Solar System Map
Note: Current Radial Menu (RM) lacks fidelity in certain windows and on certain items that otherwise would benefit from the use.

Fleet Window

Radial Menu currently works on the ‘My Fleet’ tab and the Watchlist, allowing you to access all the normal commands you would see if you were to use the RM on the overview or in space (including RM commands on your own ship). One location it has no functionality in, is the ‘History’ tab. The various broadcasts could definitely be a good place to use the RM on.

Probe Scanner/Directional Scanner

Probe scanner does not currently any RM interaction. Most of these items are things you would or can regularly interact with as you fly around. One inconsistency here, is that while you can use the RM on the corresponding icons in the Solar System map, the RM cannot be used for those same results in the Probe Scanner window.

Dscan shares many similar problems with the probe scanner in that items you are normally able to use the RM on in space or on the starmap, do not function with RM in the Dscan window itself.

For the most part, the functions that the RM would provide access to are already accessible via right-click menus.

(Piotr Leusten) #1082

Suggestion: In market window, stop resizing columns when you double-click on them
Keywords: UI, market window

In the market window, if I click on the up/down arrow to sort a column, the column stays at the width I set it at.

But if I double-click on the column header to do the same thing, it resizes the column to default width.

This is a major issue with the “Price” column, because the default width is so narrow that 50,000 looks a lot like 50,000,000, because the column cuts off the last three zeros of the larger number.

And since double-clicking an order brings up the buy/sell window, it is very common and easy to accidentally double-click the header when trying to double-click the top buy/sell order. Thus unexpectedly re-sorting the column AND hiding the extra zeros.

If I have manually set the width on a column, that should be the width the column stays at unless I manually change it again.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1083

Suggestion: Increase freight contrainer capacity by 30%
Keywords: Deployable, hauling

There are three types of containers that can be used for hauling: Audit log containers, secure containers, standard containers and freight containers.

Out of these the freight container is the only one for which volume and capacity are exactlythe same. The rest can take more items in than their volume. Giant secure container for example has volume of 3000 m3 but its capacity is 3900 m3 (30% more). This makes freight containers useless for hauling as the secure containers are better.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1084

Suggestion: Tell if a module uses turret/launcher slot
Keywords: Fitting, module info*

When you look at info on a module you are not told if the module uses a launcher slot or a turret slot. This is a problem for things that are not turrets but still use turret slot (miners, gas harvesters).

Quick mockup:

(Elrond Imladris) #1085

Suggestion: Allow containers name to be set within Corporate Hangers if you have the ability to remove the container from the hanger.

Keywords: Corporate Hangers, containers, set name

Under the current mechanics the only way to name or rename a container in a corporate hanger is to remove the container from the hanger then set the container name in your personal hanger before moving the container back. You must have the proper access role to perform this operation.

(Elrond Imladris) #1086

Corporation related

Suggestion: Add a check box to the reprocessing interface to allow a selection of which hanger you want the minerals to be placed - Personal hanger (default) or the corp hanger the Ore was reprocessed from.

Keywords: Reprocessing, Ore, Corp Hanger

When I’m doing a job for the corp which involves reprocessing ore from the corp hanger, after reprocessing the ore the minerals are dumped in my personal hanger. Since the reprocessed ore is now in my personal hanger and I want the minerals back in the corp hanger, I have to move the minerals back into the corp hanger. I can see situations where the you might want to have the minerals in in your personal hanger but normally as a corp job you want the minerals back in the corp hanger. The simplest solution would be to add a simple check box to the interface giving the user the ability to determine the hanger the minerals are placed.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1087

Not trying to be an ass, but it’s kinda obvious. If it shoots projectiles then it uses a launcher. if it fires lasers or pew pews, then its a turret.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1088

I don’t think it is obvious at all that gas harvesters and miners use turret slots while tractor beams and salvagers do not use any of those slots.

This is important information for someone who fits these things for the first time. And currently this is told nowhere in the game. Only way to find out is to try to fit them and fail when there are no slots.

(Sasha Viderzei) #1089

Well I guess Minmatar main weapon systems are a paradox.

(Dominous Nolen) #1090

Delivery Window: Drag and Drop

Suggestion: Similar to the contract window, please make the delivery contact box a drag and drop item.

Reason: This keeps the behaviour of the UI uniform and allows for quicker assignment of a delivery to the right person as you can just drag their name from Corp Chat/Fleet/Contact list etc…

(Soledad Wu) #1091

Suggestion : Allow players to name launchpads
Keywords: ui, industry, planetary resources
Note: Better manage complicated planetary setups

I have setups with up to four launchpads. Each gets assigned a random name which means they appear in a random order on the Orbital Customs Office drop-down. This makes it hard to get the right materials into the right launchpad. If we could name the launchpads AND the customs office presented them in alphabetical order this would make the problem much easier.

(Arla Sarain) #1092

Suggestion : Allow snapping individual scan probes to celestials/anoms in the map window
Keywords: ui, QoL, intel, scanning, probing, cov ops
Note: Probe formation is otherwise a complete afterthought. Few if any people create custom probe formations and there are few applications for them.
The purpose of this addition is to allow dedicated probers to keep an eye out over larger areas by using their 8 probes to cover a variety of points of interests. The snap can happen on limited levels, so that there is still some user input required to position the probes. For ex. the snap could be made to only occur on a line perpendicular to the screen/view so that the user is expected to position the probe in the planar space/surface but the snap fixes the probe at the depth matching the intended sig/anom/celestial.
Can only be used on individual probes.

(Ecrir Twy'Lar) #1093

Suggestion: Expand “auto tracking” snap to include bookmarks, signatures and anomalies

Currently if you have your auto tracking turned on, your dscan will snap to celestials as you select them in your system map. This is very handy for pinpointing the location of basically anything in the system. However, if you select bookmarks, signatures or anomalies your focus changes to the object instead of your dscan snapping to it.

I would like to suggest that if you have your auto tracking toggled on, your dscan would snap to anything you select on the system map, probe scanner or bookmark folder. This would be handy for when you’ve scanned down all the signatures in a system and you want to check to see if there are any ships at that location. You can do this currently by manually pointing, but I feel like this idea would be a great quality of life improvement for those who regularly monitor who is in a system and where they are.

If there is currently a way to accomplish this, I would really like to know because I can’t find it.

(Mustache Dealer) #1094

Suggestion: Create a filter out of right click selection

Keywords: Filter, UI

It would be really handy to create a filter out of the selected items (using the NAME ‘is’ function) using the right click menu, rather than having to tediously enter them all manually when making a custom filter.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1095

Suggestion: Show drone tracking the same way as turret tracking
Keywords: UI, drones

Drones still have two values for tracking (turret resolution and tracking) while turrets had this changed in 2015(?).

Changing the displayed tracking value would make it much easier to compare sentry drones to turrets.

The new tracking is simply

New traking = Old tracking * 40000 m / Signature Resolution

(Taliah Meyhin) #1096

Suggestion: Increase the length of saved fits to 80 characters
Keywords: UI, Fits, Fitting

In the Fitting window, players can save fittings but only 40 characters are allowed to name them. I think it’s too short to name some fittings. Please CCP, consider increasing the length of fitting names to 60 or 80 characters.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #1097

Suggestion: Activity tracker should track unique systems entered
Keywords: Activity tracker

Currently the activity tracker tracks number of systems you have entered. But this is not number of unique systems. So if you jump 100 times between same two systems the tracker would show that you have visited 100 systems.

The number of reqions visited already tracks number of unique regions you have visited. Number of systems should be the same.