Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion : T2 and Faction Salvage Drones
Keyword : drones, pve, salvage
Note : Salvage Drone Operation V can unlock them, maybe even a Salvage Drone Specialization skill can also be added. Additionally, I think there should be a faction variant introduced, such as an “Ore Salvage Drone” or “Excavator Salvage Drone” something like this.


what would the point of that be? Not being an ass, but it’s been shot down repeatedly on why a T2 salvage drone is useless. When T2 salvager is better than the drone ever would be.

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Well, not all ships may have a t2 salvager equipped. For instance, a Paladin in null or lowsec would waste a valuable high slot, but has more than enough room in its drone bay for a complement of salvage drones. And if the t2 salvager is superior than t2 drones, then that is a decision for the players to make, not all situations are as clear as “this module is better therefore it should be the only option”

Suggestion : Structure killmarks
Keyword : citadels, structures, PvP
Note If all the ships in Eve can have killmarks, then why not the structures? I am sure some Null structures have done a good job at racking up kills.


Suggestion: Make the join fleet dialog appear over other windows.
Keywords: UI, Fleets.
Note: Especially when docked.

When I invite alts into a fleet, then alt-tab to the alt, the join fleet dialog is often buried at the bottom of a pile of windows. It seems to be impossible to bring it to the front so I have to move all the other windows to accept.

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Suggestion: Ability to sort skills in skill queue

Keywords: ui, skills, sorting
Note: Useful for altering the skill queue for increased skill-completion / time ratio

When I’m tinkering with my skill queue, I always find myself spending a lot of time sorting the skills I have there by their training time (short stuff goes first) in conjunction with sorting them by their requirements.

Suggestion: Ability to copy item details from inventories in all view-modes

Keywords: ui, ctrl+c, icon-view, details-view
Note: Useful for quickly gathering inventory details

When I want to get a list of things in an inventory, I always need to switch from the icon-view to the list-view in order to get a listing when I press CTRL+C, and back afterwards, so adding the copy-functionality the list-view has to the two other view modes would eliminate this overhead.


Suggestion: Ability to sort overview by multiple attributes

Keywords: ui, overview, sorting
Note: Useful for sorting overview by multiple factors

When I’m ratting in a carrier or mining in a Rorqual, I have a hard time tracking both the ship-class of a rat and its distance to me at the same time, so being able to first sort them by their icon and then by their distance would help grouping them and reduce overhead.

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Having a T2 variant would make the Noctis all but obsolete. Reduce the differences between the T1 and T2 variants so the Noctis is not made obsolete and there would be so little difference between T1 and T2 variants why bother.

Keeping in the spirit of giving what others want you can have your T2 salvage drones when the rest of us get a T2 variant of the Noctis.

Suggestion: Let modules pull charges from containers

Keywords: gameplay, inventory, charges, reload
Note: Useful for keeping a clean inventory and reduces stress with cap-boosters (NO, I do NOT take X-Instinct anymore! … )

With inventory divisions not being under way, having modules being able to reload charges from within containers located in the ship would reduce the noise that comes up when fitting capitals for multiple purposes (eg. boosting charges for 7 different things for my rorqual) and incorporate ship containers into the everyday EvE action because one would not need to manage inventory with cap booster charges, for instance (you get the idea).

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This was rejected soundly in it’s own thread, it is not a small change, should not be in this thread and has no purpose in any case.

Look at the other posts, no one is asking for new ships or drones because this is the “Small Things Thread”.

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Not that its need but it would be a nice QOL. A compress button while a rorqual core is online. For both ore and fleet hangar.

Suggestion: Always (try to) show the same tab in the “Character: Information” window

Keywords: gameplay, UI
Note: Simple fix = Force all pilots to have a Bio even if it says “No biographic information has been entered”

Currently, when you show info on a pilot the tab which is opened is the tab in the same position as the tab opened on the last pilot you viewed. In my opinion, the proper thing to display would be the same tab (if available).

The problem stems from when a pilot lacks a “Bio” tab (perhaps they’ve never dealt a crushing blow to a Sansha Battletower or whored on an Avatar killmail). This will cause the displayed tab to shift from showing the information one may be interested in (such as a pilot’s employment history) to displaying the useless information that is one tab ahead or behind the truely desired tab (such as “Decorations” containing all the cringeworthy medals they have earned, or the “Notes” which no one uses (seriously… can we get some numbers on that?)).

edit: a word

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Suggestion: Remove all instances of “Focus Trapping”

Keywords: gameplay, UI
Note: For the sake of terminology, when I say “Focus Trapping” I mean the confirmation dialogs which grey out the entire screen and force you to interact with a single dialog box before you can do anything else in the game. There may be a proper UI term for this kind of behavior but I don’t know it.

Picture this: You kill a ship, hurriedly try and scope the loot and run only to be cockblocked by a popup informing you that you’ve run out of cargo space and now before you can do ANYTHING else in the game you need to interact with a confirmation dialog.

A confirmation dialog should never lock down focus within the game while undocked except under the most extreme situations when something will be irreversible (I don’t know a good example of a proper use of focus trapping while undocked except maybe the dialogs for self-destructing a ship, and even that I’d be open to removing the trapping).

When docked, I can think of things like trashing an item as being a good use of focus trapping, but really I would like to see none of it as a start and work up from there on what really needs it.

A lot of instances of this behavior in game would be fine as long as I can continue to interact with the game world while the dialog box remains up.


Suggestion: A Select all button in the Orbital Customs Office Box
Keywords: Planetary Production, Customs Office,
Note: When in wormholes and dangerous territories will help select all to then drop and drag into cargo hold.

Suggestion: Some sort of Klaxon or warning light to show a station you are docked in is under attack

Keywords: Structure, warning
Note: Many members of a corp can use structure defenses but don’t get any message to say it’s been attacked. This seems unrealistic and easily fixed. Dozens of pilots could be docked up, chatting, planning, trading, doing PP etc and be able to defend not realising their station is under attack. Especially in Wormholes where there is no local. If a structure is under attack it should tell its occupants surely?


Suggestion: If you’re ship has a police skin and you target someone you should hear police sirens start up :wink: (Just you, no one else and an option to turn off that feature)

Keywords: police skin, sirens, fun


Suggestion: Brighten color of “stargate on your route” in overview

Keywords: ui, overview
Note: The color is just too hard to see

Maybe I am old (a lot of us Eve players are) but I just can’t see the difference very well between the stargate on my route (in yellow) and the other stargates. Is it just me? Simple fix right? just make it brighter?



You dont have one selected in that pic lol.

Add a auto stack option to ships for the inventory, like ore holds ect

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