Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Almethea) #1158

Suggestion : splitting, incremental splitting
Keywords: ui, asset management
Note: Possibility to split a stack of stuff (ammo, ore, PI,…) in equal amount or with an incremental step between each new stack.

(Calmar Arundel) #1159

Suggestion: Increase contrast of scrollbars, slightly widen scrollbars, or make this adjustable.
Keywords: ui, scrollbars
Note: It is sometimes difficult to find the highlighted part of the scrollbar. Making it brighter or making the brightness adjustable would be extremely helpful.
Also, the bar is so narrow, it can be hard to select. Making it a couple pixels wider or making the width adjustable would be very useful.

(Calmar Arundel) #1160

Suggestion: Make a Repackage All option in Inventory.
Keywords: ui, inventory, repackage
Notes: Cleaning up storage spaces and reducing the size of the list in containers can be very tedious. Repeatedly repackaging and stacking while trying to make a large inventory fit, or trying to see how many of an item you really have, is a annoying chore. Having a Repackage All command that repackages all undamaged items in the container would be a great time and frustration saver.

(Vapor) #1161

Suggestion: Ability to favourite structures so they appear diff colour on Overview
Keywords: ui, favourite, structures
Note: Useful for quickly picking out favourite/most used structures to warp to

The function to favourite structures would be really handy. We dont always sets destinations to a structure, sometimes we’re just in system, or jumping back and forward between systems and it’d be useful to be able to favourite and have highlighted in a different colour, our most used structures so we can pick them and warp to them easily, particularly in systems with many structures which all look the same on the overview.

(Stormin) #1162

Suggestion: Ability to drag consumable/launchable modules from cargo onto hotbar.

Keyword: UI, hotkey, modules

Notes: general qol improved if we could hotkey items we want to use from cargo. Examples being boosters or tractor units. Eliminates having to keep cargo open and use the mouse with context menus. Could also expand on this by allowing the hotkeying of ammo types, scripts, and other things of that nature. When pressed causing your guns to reload to that type on next cycle.

Tldr: clicking sucks, allow hotkeys for common click actions; consumables, ammo, launchable.

(Kibbler) #1163

Suggestion: Add a warning dialogue when activating an acceleration gate with deployed drones

Keywords: drones, abyss, complex, ded

I have been playing a lot of abyss and on multiple occasions either clicked the gate too fast or forgot my drones were sitting idle in space. Since you can’t go back in abyss, you can’t recover the drones and this really hurts if using augmented ones. A dialogue warning with a ‘dont show me again’ checkbox would have saved me a lot of frustration.

(Kibbler) #1164

Suggestion: Inform the render distance of the abyssal wall by the speed of your ship

Keywords: abyss, abyssal
Note: help speedy ships not blow themselves up

I often do abyss in an AB Gila, but with friends I use a Hawk to do dark sites with an MWD and occasionally use an Orthrus solo. The wall can really appear out of nowhere at those speeds, and it isn’t always obvious where the wall should start based on spawn location and celestial bodies. Increasing the render distance a bit based on either current ship speed or ship maximum speed could help save players from accidentally going out of bounds.

(Rock Onzo) #1165

Suggestion - ACLS for corp hangers and a restructure of the corp and alliance back end.

with the ability for a ceo or director to be able to remove a member with roles if below there position.

(Kibbler) #1166

Suggestion: Clearly communicate if an overheated module is tagged to de-overheat at the end of its cycle

Keywords: ui, overheat, combat
Note: Help players know their command was processed

I feel like 30pct of the time when disabling a module’s overheated status, it doesn’t actually stick and I have to take more damage than I wanted and truly turn it off on the next cycle. If there could be a different visual state on the bright green overheat bar to indicate my command was received, that would help me trust the system and I wouldn’t end up with so much extra damage from unintended cycles of heat.

(Nicollas Antollare) #1167

Suggestion: Ability to double-click my own order in Market Details to update an order price

Keywords: ui, market
Note: Useful for more quickly updating market orders

Currently, in order to update one’s own market order price the player must right-click and select “Modify Order”. If the player double-clicks his/her own order, the Buy Item window is activated. This doesn’t make sense, as I wouldn’t need to buy an item that I am currently selling. A better solution would be if a player double-clicks their own order it automatically opens the Modify Order dialog. This would also reduce possible mis-clicks, such as accidentally selecting “Buy This” when trying to update an order. The “Buy This” option is directly above the “Modify Order” contextual option and when using 90% UI scaling it’s easy to accidentally click the wrong thing. To sum up, it should be obvious that if I’m looking at the Market Details for an item that I am selling and I double-click my own highlighted order, that I want to update it instead of buy it.

(Aziel DeLaruse) #1168
Suggestion: Allow characters to Pool their wallets and assets
Keywords: UI, Wallet, Assets, Hangers
Notes: Ease of managing items and Isk between characters

Allow characters on the same account be able to share their wallet and assets so players won’t have to log onto one character and transfer isk to another to be able to purchase items from market or have to contract items around the characters. This would be even better if it could be shared between multiple accounts as well.

Basically this would be a player/invite based version of corp wallets/hangers.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1169

you cannot repackage in a container other than hangar, while i wish you could. but in the regular hangar, if you select all items, you can select to repackage those that are not repackaged.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1170

This i can get behind, especially when mission running and you have several gates you have to pass through.

(Atlas Boch) #1171
Suggestion: Create hotkeys for open cargo and loot all buttons.
Keywords: UI, Hotkeys
Notes: Reduce carpal tunnel for mission runners by allowing binds for open cargo and loot all.

Not sure why there aren’t hotkeys for these already, but it would be nice.

(Eric Shang) #1172

I started a corp and we seem to do PVE, PVP and Indy.

** Corp Hanger Names**
We use 3 different stations for each event due to location of NPC mission hub, PVP low sec area nearest to us and also our moon mining operations.

In the Corp hanger tab we have to select our name for the 7 corp hangers. Are we able to move the name change to the station rather than a global name for any station you have. This will allow us to grand people hanger access to what a CEO sees as hanger 1 but each station might have a unique name for hanger 1 allowing for easier split of things we do in corp.


CEO grants all new players hanger 1 access as default.

  • In PVP Station you change your hanger 1 to PVP New Bro
  • In PVE Station you change your hanger 1 to PVE New Bro
  • In Indy Citadel you change your hanger 1 to Mining New Bro

You could simply have new bro but with things like Frigate & Dessy Modules, Cruiser and Battlecruiser modules and Battleship modules needing their own corp hanger with increasing risk of people just taking stuff it is all ready taking up 4 hangers.

Also our industrial guys don’t want to see PVE or PVP names on the hangers. Having ORE, Minerals, PI, BPC, BPO, Components would be better for the indy people.

I feel having the global restriction of only 7 hangers is fine but the same name for everyone station limits how well you can do 1 corp branching out doing multiple things over different systems.

I would rather have it so that when you rent a office at a station you can as a station manager role change the name of the 7 you have at that station you rented making each station unique.

(Eric Shang) #1173

Corp Hanger Access Indy Research

If I grant access to view a BPO in my indy station but not take my corp mates wanting to help me do research are not able to do this. They cant start a research job and help me with ME and TE or even Copying it and so we cant all help research corp bpo’s. Is there anyway for us to be able to allow a corp member the right to research a BPO for the corp while not being able to take the BPO. My corp mates want to help with this and we cant allow them full access to the bpo because of us being a open recruitment corp for new bros and possible corp thiefs will come in and take it.

(Eric Shang) #1174

Wharehouse Vault Containers

I grant all my new players hanger 1 access to view and take and in this hanger I place vault audit containers with a password and all items are locked when placed in them as a config.

I can grant view and take in the office hanger but restrict the hangers to only view but not take due to the take function allowing the user to just scoop up the containers with everything in it.

I then can grant the user access to take in the container using a specific role called: Config Equipment but this role allows the user to rename the containers and also to take everything in the containers without needing a password.

I simply want a new player to have access to all in the corp office hanger 1 and in the containers but they need to have a password to get access to the container items.

(Sean Roach) #1175

I’d assumed that was to thwart the simpler bots.
As it is, you can’t quickly travel across the galaxy, by sitting on the couch and spamming the ‘D’ key while you read a novel or watch TV.
Likewise, this means you can’t just bind “fastwarp: select ‘D’, wait 20, goto fastwarp”, hit the relevant hotkey, and go AFK.

Basically, I think it NOT having focus, ever, serves a purpose.

(OF course, this doesn’t stop someone from, say, popping the ball out of your wireless trackball, or taping over the eye, and then spamming LMB while you read a novel or watch TV.)

(Abathur Warfield) #1176
Suggestion: More HID support
Keywords: UI, Shortcuts, QoL
Note: Useful for everything relating to shortcut bindings and UI engagement

(Teinyhr) #1177

Suggestion: Let us give our ships longer names
Keyword: UI
Note: QoL improvement

The current limit is insanely short, and probably based on technical reasons of 2003 server technology. I want go Culture on my ships.