Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Tal Tracyn) #1199

Suggestion: change font on cap boosters
Keywords: fonts,items,hanger
Note: Your fleet leaves in 5 seconds and you need cap booster 800’s. GO !
Display on 1536X 841 window with boarder
UI scale @ 90%

(Eddie Thatch) #1200

Suggestion: Ability to turn off in-station adverts

Keywords: Annoyance, distraction
Note: First thing I do every time I dock is to turn display to hide flashing annoying adverts. Like flashing banner ads in web browsers, they are not useful and distracting. In station is where I think!

(Eddie Thatch) #1201

CLICK REDUCTION - for those with RSI

Keywords: ui, RSI, clicks reduction
Note: I have been managing RSI for 20 years. Love the game but so many clicks, multiple clicks to do simple things. (1) PI-“Create route” Select desto Select ‘create’ again (why?) Submit Why do we need to ‘submit’ everything in PI? Should be 2 clicks to create route.
(2) Join Fleet. Select fleet finder, click on fleet to join, get invite (Why?) accept invite. Why would I not accept invite I just requested? (3) Can we please have a ‘Accept clone jump cost’ setting in the wallet? I do this 20 times a day. (4) Why must i click to load mkt transactions in Wallet? Non-mkt transactions auto-populate.

Sounds like small changes but they add up, right now I must restrict how much time I spend with game due to wear & tear on mouse hand. think about that…

(Eddie Thatch) #1202

Suggestion: Larger Window Control targets

Keywords: ui, RSI
Note: unpin/minimize/close targets are extremely small, requires deathgrip on mouse to hit those especially under stress (combat). Tough on us desk jockeys with RSI. Option to make them even 50% larger would be great.

(Dzerzinski Szcerychk) #1203

Suggestion: MARKET Windows respect transparency setting

Keywords: ui
Note: Market window is transparent, I can hardly read the orders I have, why is this? Does not respect UI transparency setting. With your very detailed station background (and flashing lights I cannot control, thanks for that) in background it is very hard to read.

(Oreb Wing) #1204

Can you please add the parameter, [Pilot has a security standing above zero] to the background and icon lists inside the Overview options? Please and thank you.

(NorthCrossroad) #1205

Suggestion: Ability to open market for item in inventory by double-clicking
Keywords: ui, market, settings

As an market player i have a lot of stuff that I transport, buy and sell. So if I want to check the price of the item I might want to sell depending on the price in this region I need:

  • Currently: right-click on item in hangar, select “View market details”.
  • Would like to: double-click on the item.

When you checking 100+ items each hour - it’s a lot of unnecessary clicking.

Since the is another action on double-click currently, make a setting, perhaps, to select what you want to have on this combination.

(Rath Valent) #1206

Just dropping in to bump this one from last year since it’s still not in place.

I’m sure this is super easy to implement and would add a critical piece of game information to the HUD.

TLDR: The HUD really needs a “Can I warp?” indicator so you know whether your warp drive is working or not when the fur is flying and the points-to-stabs ratio is difficult to determine.

(Ellen Rossi) #1207
  1. Ability to save DED sites expedion by remote
  2. Personal Bookmarks - Corporate Bookmarks - and add new thing like Alliance Bookmarks will be good to the possibility of rapid interaction between the corporations in the alliance

(Taliah Meyhin) #1208

Suggestion: Add a search field on the Overview window
Keywords: ui, search, search engine, searching, overview, filter, filters

Players can add several tabs on their Overview window but one thing is still missing (imo) : a search field.
It would be especially useful :

  • when a miner clicks on his/her Mining tab, on the Overview. If the belt contains many kinds of asteroids, the player, then, has to visually search for the asteroid he/she wants to mine (and sometimes, belts can contain lots of asteroids!).

  • during missions, when the player is searching for a structure, or a silo, or a container…

  • when a fleet is running, sometimes the FC asks fleet members (on Discord or TeamSpeak) to “Warp to gate NOL-M9” (for example). If there are many stargates in the system, I am almost sure that at this point, it has happened to many players of the game to have to visually search for the given stargate (and sometimes, it can take a few crucial seconds to do that). Of course, instead of doing this, the FC should broadcast his/her orders on the Fleet History tab but not all FCs are perfect. :wink:

  • also, within a fleet, not all players have the same Overview customization, sometimes, it’s hard for some players to quickly see what they are looking for, on the Overview.

As you can see, there are many cases that would make this search field useful.

Mockup image (animated) :

(Othello Warspite) #1209

Suggestion: Alert Serpentis directors that Sansha’s Nation has infiltrated the Serpentis Lookouts cluster-wide via enslaved missile turrets

Keywords: PVE, Sansha, Serpentis

Serpentis Lookout sites have a Sansha Missile Turret in the first pocket. Very minor detail, but short of there being lore about a Sansha-Serpentis pact…

(xBRIGADIRx) #1210

I want to offer to make interceptors that have resistance to the stasis of the mesh

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #1211

care to elaborate?

notes etc.

(Verzak Bastrom) #1212

Suggestion: Add location before destination
Keywords: route, location
Note: Removes the need to recreate from scratch long routes just to add an additional waypoints at the beginning or in the middle of the already created route.

When I create long destination routes including several waypoints and change my mind, i’d love to be able to insert destinations in the current route instead of removing and recreating from scratch.

(Taliah Meyhin) #1213

Suggestion: Allow drag-and-drop of Stations (from their Information window) to Bookmarks folder
Keywords: bookmarks, drag and drop, station, information

It is not currently possible to open the information window of a station and to drag and drop its thumbnail image to the Bookmarks folders. It would be convenient if it was possible.

(Sky Diamond) #1214

Suggestion: For item request contracts allow adding the items via drag&drop
Keywords: item request contracts, drag and drop

Right now its a real pain to create a contract which requests items since they all have to be added via text and the text ends up in a selection window to select between the real item and blueprint or whatever variants there are.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #1215

Local suggested changes;


  1. add search to local

2. the ability to sort or bring wartargets or a corp so it’s always at the top.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #1216


We currently have losses and kills. Can we have fights?

(Ryan B Thiesant) #1217

Loot drop ledger

There is a mining ledger. What about a loot fairy ledger?

(CTMS) #1218

Suggestion: Change Active Fleets

Keywords: ui, fleet, pvp

One often finds himself in a fleet, but has to switch to another fleet for whatever reason.
I’d like to be able to switch fleets without having to leave my current fleet manually.
How exactly?
Situtation: I’m in a fleet with my close friends doing super secret stuff, when all of a sudden an important PvP fleet is called out, which we are required to join.
Now I would like to navigate to the ‘Fleet Finder’, select the new fleet and click ‘Join Fleet’ as per usual.
Instead of an error, telling me I am already in a fleet, I would get a message box saying something like:
'You are already in a fleet with CTMS!
Do you want to leave that fleet and join Silverspirit’s fleet instead?
[Yes] [No] [Cancel]