Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Fitting ships in corp hangers

To fit ships you need to have modules and ship in your personal hanger. What if these are in the corp hangers.

Please make it so you can fit ships from the corp hanger?

(a bit like when you are able to use corp blueprints to build ships , choosing the material hanger and the output hanger)

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I agree - I like the autotarget feature.

Have you tried this type of mouse, roller mouse or a track pad.

Allow for Mailing Lists to be linked and joined by dragging them into chat.

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In the Notes i wish a button that recalculate the entered signs, because in some notes i need to mark with colur what week we have.
But if i change two colur marks the note is to long an can’t be saved. :worried:
And if it is possible it where nice to share notes over chat or mail. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Suggestion: Different naming for factional warfare plexes
Keywords: factional warfare, FW, naming

for the love of god, please change the way plexes in FW are being adressed:

This is just not cool to coordinate with your fleet if you have to broadcast everything, just give them numbers or something please.



Being able to refine ores from cans and direct the output to cans, the same way you can do with industry jobs.

At least for very large cans like station warehouse containers.

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Leave the inventory options picked for industry jobs visible but disabled so we can tell where items will end up while a job is on going.

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Easier Item hanger Organization
The disability to organize the item hanger just because i don’t have the containers is very frustrating

Similar to how you Move a certain number of items from cargo to ship (shift button) you can do that to split stack anything in the hangar.

Just like instead of reprocessing all my 1,284 veldspar, i held “shift” and removed 200 of it, to make a separate stack of 1,084 and a stack of 200 so I could reprocess just the 200, enough to get 333 tritanium out of it.

I would like that window/overview preferences do not suffer computer freeze. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, my computer freezes. Randomly.
8 of 10 times, I lose windows position and size and overview tabs settings.
This is kinda annoying. It’s like settings save module is attached to the file, when not properly closed, corrupts.


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Suggestion: Leave Fleet Adverts up with one occupant
Keywords: fleet, advert, standing fleet
Note: annoying at best

Please allow Fleet Adverts to stay up even if only one person is left in said fleet, or at the very least, add a toggle to leave it up or take it down when someone is alone in their fleet (either in a menu or when it happens, but leave the advert up until the choice is picked).

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Suggestion: Additional wardec intel, restrictions
Keywords: war, griefing, content
Note: further steps to make wars less conflict-averse, less likely to be abused

  1. Since wardecs only really matter for conflict in space with sec-status 0.1 and above, only count structures in space 0.1 and above when considering eligibility. This prevents, for example, a corp hiding a POCO out in some random WH and deccing small corps with little capability to strike back
  2. The war-dec notification lists all such structures, at least by constellation, so that the target has some tools at hand to counterattack, and the deccers can’t just turtle up if they bite off more than they can chew.

These two changes should cut down on using wardecs as a sort of griefing. Right now, there’s a certain ice belt in hisec full of NPC characters; if you go mine there, the NPC characters log off, your alliance gets decced by a pvp corp, and you have no way to strike back. If you knew where their assets were, it would even the scales a bit.


Suggestion: Add distance to fleet watchlist info
Keywords: UI, Fleet, Watchlist
Note: When adding fleet members to the watchlist, I would sometimes like to know their current distance from me, usually if they are an anchor, target for reps or a Black ops. Currently I have to target them to accomplish this and some people don’t like that unless I’m in a Logistics ship. Please add distance info to fleet watchlist.


You can already do this in the Manage Route window :grin:

In the meantime, you can use Ctl Tab to go through your windows without moving them :slight_smile:

Suggestion: Allow cloaking after session change, warp gate
Keywords: Cloak, session, timer
Note: Session change timer isn’t very helpful to people with slow computers or network.

I have had issues with the session change timer and the warp gate cloak not being helpful. I have sometimes left a station and the screen doesn’t display anything until the timer is done or only get the last second of it. In cases of this, the game is still running slow and rotating the camera or having the station in view can still slow things down a few seconds.
In the case of Jump gate invulnerability timer, I have had instances of slow computer or slow network that display the warping animation for a longer duration and not give me the full sixty seconds as the wiki stated “minute to check the area and make an informed decision”. This is not helpful to the player and can be extremely frustrating and even deter people from doing certain things in the game. I made sure to read the wiki on timers and session changes.
My suggestion is to allow people to initiate cloak while in the session change protection. The cloaks say in their description that fitting two cloaking modules will desync. Also, unlike the invulnerability timer, a cloak can be undone for a list of reasons. So the using a cloak during the session change timer while helpful to the player would still undo the protections.

Suggestion: UI Window to allow Yes/No action on joining a new fleet while already in one (when clicking a fleet advert ONLY)

Keywords: fleet up, fleet finder, chat linked fleet advert
Note: Quality of Life update to fleet interaction window

When I’m in a fleet, and I attempt to join another…it obviously says I’m already in one, and of course I have to click that, leave the fleet, then join the fleet I want. If I click a fleet advert, could you give us the option to leave the fleet you’re currently in and join a new one with a, “You’re currently in a fleet, do you wish to join a new one?” Yes / No prompt? (Obviously not for manual invites from other players, while already in a fleet…because of exploit potential)

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Suggestion: Fleet Broadcast Settings Window needs a shortcut
Keywords: UI, Shortcuts, QoL
Note: Useful for everything relating to fleet broadcast UI engagement

Suggestion: Allow to repair modules in the fitting window.
Keywords: UI, repairing, nanite paste, passive modules
Notes: I have passive modules hidden and thus don’t really see damage on them. Instead of having to unhide them, I want to be able to repair them from the fitting window.

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Suggestion: Add a search field to the EVE-mail window
Keywords: search engine, search, seaching, mail, filter, filters

Please add a search field to the EVE-mail window. A few radio buttons (Sender, Subject, Content, Date, Recipient), inside the “cog/gear” settings icon, would let the player choose what to search.

Mockup image :