Little things / Small QoL suggestions

What have these skills to do with constellation range? I have a 15 system range with these skill. I need to know facilities within the constellation, not within 5, 10 or 15 systems range.

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These skills have nothing to do with Constellation range, you are right. I was just pointing out where current granularity comes from. It is linked to these skills. I was asking why do you need constellation range? IMO Constellations are pretty much useless for most situations including this one. What is the practical benefit of knowing facilities within constellation?

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Suggestion: unify HUD module rightclick menus
Keywords: UI

Currently the rightclick menus for the HUD modules are not all laid out in the same order. With some modules ‘auto repeat’ is on top, with others it is ‘overload’. Regardless there should be one ‘defined’ menu ordering with all modules sticking to it. The only difference between modules ought to be the leaving out of irrelevant things like, for many modules, reload.


:bulb: Absolutely +42

I can think of no applicable reason why having (space used) total space available (space left) would in any way, be a bad thing.

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Sometimes I want to know what is in my immediate surroundings to see where I can produce/refine/react better than in my current location with minimal effort. 5 jumps gives me tons of available structures in all sorts of places (In my random current place it’s 50 available structures with 5 jumps range, that’s way too many.) I just want to see my immediate surroundings, nothing else in certain circumstances. Furthermore, I can also filter out busy constellations like Kimotoro or Parud when I am in a neighboring constellation, which is not possible with Within X Jumps or skill range.

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Suggestion: Classify Bookmarks by Type/Subfolderize Bookmarks
Keywords: ui, navigation, bookmarks
Note: Helpful for keeping navigation right click menu more contextual

Being able to make your ‘personal locations’ folder more granular would be a big help and would keep the UI cleaner. i.e. if you had a series of mining locations in a system along with some pve and a load of combat ones (gate pounces and suchlike), it would be useful to have a master folder for each type and possibly colour coded (i.e. combat/orange, mining/white, pve/yellow, safes/cyan etc.) and within those having your location folders with their associated bookmarks. This would potentially make either the initial right click menu more compact or, more typically, the subfolders relevant to activity more compact so your navigation is potentially quicker.


Related to above

Suggestion: Multi-select right-click ‘move bookmarks to…’ option
Keywords: ui, navigation, bookmarks
Note: Helpful for organising and moving large qualtities of bookmarks around

I’m sure this has been asked for loads of times so I’m adding to the historic request: please add an option on the right click menu when mass-selecting bookmarks to be able to move them to a specific folder. Sometimes, when you have a lot of bookmarks of the same type, dragging them about to the required folder is just not feasible. This will save a ton of time organising bookmarks.


Suggestion: Save Route
Keywords: ui, autopilot
Note: When exploring for relic and data sites I often set a full circle route with a bunch of different waypoints that takes like 5 minutes to setup each time, would be nice to click the (A)utopilot top left and goto Save Current Route, give it a name , and then have the ability to Load Route and then be able to select the route, this is something that could easily be saved client side.


Suggestion: MAP. IT SUX.
Keywords: ui, map
Note: The current new and old in game maps suck, I would love to see a more visualized representation of the game world rather than an accurate depiction of star positions, there is far to much clustering and overlaping making it annoying to read visually.

There are fine examples of this on well known sites, but I think the one that could be applied best in game would be the map scheme used by which maintains clear readable map layout and proximity.


Suggestion: “Close all clients” and/or “Close all in Launch Group” button in launcher
Keywords: Launcher
Note: It would be nice to be able to close multiple clients with a single click instead of working my way down the in tin the launcher.


Wallet: Selecting multiple entries in the wallet and hovering over the selection provides a total values of the selected transactions.


Suggestion: Show contracts of all statuses
Note: It’s frustrating to have to search through the various contract statuses to find a certain contract. It would be really handy to have two additional options in the status selection:
1 - Show all contracts
2 - Show all active (not finished) contracts


Add a new audio (voice) notification to inform the player when his/her ship has reached the keep-at-range distance that he/she previously set

keep at range, keep, range, distance, voice, audio, notification

a voice could say "you have reached your keep-at-range distance"

This voice notification would be very useful during fleets, for example, while doing incursions.
When doing incursions, players are asked to keep-at-range to their anchor AAA or VVV.

Afaik, there’s no notification to inform the player when he/she has reached his target (even at a given distance).


Suggestion: More granularity for filtering anomalies I.E Ignore all but this type
Keywords: ui, scanning, directional scanning


Suggestion: Allow to drag-and-drop notes (from the player’s notepad) to chat channels
Keywords: drag and drop, note, notes, notepad, chat, channel

This would be helpful for corporations, to help CEOs share informations with their members.
Or also useful for any player who wants to share tutorials, instructions or guides that he/she wrote to other players.


Suggestion: Auto-save bookmark in the event of ship or pod destruction
Keywords: bookmarks, navigation, ship loss
Note: This was inspired by frequent newbie questions in Rookie help:

Dan Pure > If i died can I came back to the place I died and loot myself I mean, I run out with my capsule and i died vs a NPC.  How to know where it is? Im in another ship now.

Jaskulin > Guys can someone explain how to go to old agent misson place. I cant have cordinates from my death report

Secundus Maxime > HI all!Damn, i am to stupid…how can i find my wreck (pirates just killed me), Because i went to another station and fetched a new ship. But now, im lost :frowning:

Mac Minterboo > Is there a way for me to find my wreck ? So I shouldve bookmarked my wreck right ?

Tyrion Umangiar > how can i find my wreck? I forgot which system it was in?

Oiva Tykinruoka > is there a way to read my previous mission? My ship got destroyed and my wreck is there, and me silly completed the mission

Bones Ribs > How can i find my wreck site on the map?

Devram Basherande > hmm, now I have to figure out how to find the my wereck

You got the idea. Automatic death bookmark will help new players with self-looting and possibly even be useful for veterans.


For that purpouse I’d filter 5 jumps and sort them by distanse in jumps. Filtering by constellation you are very likely to filter out something that is 1 jump from you and thus miss something that would work well. At the same time it is quite likely to include facilities that are 5 or more jumps away. So I still don’t think it’s a usefull filter. IMO adding 1 and 3 jumps filters would be more useful for your situation than constellation filter.

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I like the idea of colour coding BM folders, though this should not be preset and a player should be able to tune it to personal preference. But I don’t get what’s wrong with current functionality? You can create any number of subfolders in your ‘personal locations’ folder and move BMs into them and this way create a system that works for you and follows your rules. That is what I do and I know many other players do as well.

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Suggestion: Add more informations (in columns) about ammunitions on the Used With tab
Keywords: informations, ammo, ammunitions, specifications, columns, Used With, tab

Currently, when a player is searching for informations about a weapon, he/she often opens the Used With tab. This way, the player is able to know the different kind of ammo the weapon can use.

But this tab contains almost no information at all ! The player is obliged to open each ammunition information window to know more about theirs specifications.

Here is a mock-up image that I made to illustrate how this Used With tab should look like :


Suggestion: Pressing backspace should delete the previously typed digit, in the calculator
Keywords: calculator, backspace, delete, previous, digit, parenthesis

Currently, if you press the backspace key, it erases everything, displaying 0 on the calculator screen.
This key should behave just like the calculator of Windows 10 : pressing backspace should delete the previously typed digit.

btw (imo), the calculator should be completely rewritten, updated to a 2.0 version.
For example, when you click on a parenthesis, it’s not displayed on the calculator screen either… :confused: