Lobster Pot Recruiting EU Pilots

Are you looking for a relaxed enviroment where you can basically do what you want when you want? We might have the place for you. Were a group of friends who rent a system in null sec, and were opening our doors to people to elp bolster our ranks.

We offer null sec combat sites, ore a plenty, pvp when you want it. No obligations to do pvp if you dont want to. In the future we will be looking to join the main alliance we rent from, which means we will have some pvp obligations, but they arent that many.

what we require from you? Well basically the ability to self sustain with what you do. And have discord for general coms.

If you want to enjoy the game, play the way you want to play, get advice from experienced players if you need it then why not give us a convo? Join Lobster Recruitment today and move forward with your game, your way.

moon mining belts every 3 days … regular belts all the time, ratting sites a plenty … what you waiting for?

we really need some indy guys tbh … if you wanna move to some decently safe space hit me up in game or in our recruitment channel

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