The Lobster Pot needs you!

The Lobster Pot is recruiting!!!
The Lobster is a friendly EU corp who are looking to grow. Once we have reached a certain criteria we will be joining a bigger Alliance, meaning more PvP possibilities. Alternatively join our public channel: Lobster Recruitment and give us a shout.

What we need:

  • Pilots of a skilled persuasion who can fly at least their faction battleship
  • Pilots who will help out in fleets
  • People who join our comms, once they are online

What we offer you:

  • A null sec system where you can make more ISK than you know how to spend
  • Plenty of PvE
  • PvP roamings with the corporation

You can contact these players via our public channel, ingame mail or Discord:
Kalosos /
FaithJR /

to quote, the Brotherhood of Nod
One vision, One purpose
Peace through Power!!!
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