Local Spiked. Is The One-stop Corp for New-Bro PVP Experience

We are a new-bro friendly corporation with a focus on PVP in eve online.

This is Local Spiked. and proud to be part of one of the best gaming communities around.

If you want to pvp, have no experience and want to learn from the ground up this is the place for you pilot.

Great Fleet Commanders will take you on roams through the expanding universe of eve online showing you how to be a successful EVE player.

We have a laid back culture and atmosphere, in order to fit in you must be a space bro. no drama,

we require:
Teamspeak 3 for comms
Full API

Fly Dangerous, o7
Local Spiked.

We are still looking for great pvp pilots.

Hop in our chat channel lets have a talk, we are always looking for great laid back individuals

In a great area for good content, stop by our in-game channel " -UP1- " for info.
Or leave a post here.

can you guys send me a contact mail in game please.

i sure can

Were looking for great new players to learn the basic’s and more of pvp.

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