Locating a ship in TriExporter

I’m interested in locating the Minmitar Corvette in TriExporter. There is no corvette folder and the app crashes frequently, so checking each gr2 file individually is undesirable.

Can anyone help me with the correct gr2 file/location for the Min. Corvette?

Do you have any links?

I don’t mean the actual code and patents for each links (with time frames), or assembly code, just the usual internet address URL link.

Not sure I’m understanding - apologies.

The thread I referenced for TriExporter is here:

The issue I’m having, added a screenshot below. I can’t locate the specific ship I’m interested in.

I don’t think I have that program and I don’t have enough hard disk space left on my hard disk to do anything much these days.

It seems there is no corvette models in that program.
Did you check under frigate?
It may not be listed in there.
The name is :

Those were where I looked first. The ship wasn’t there. Though, I did find just now. Unexpected that the corvette is considered a frigate, labelled as mf3.

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Unexpected, however, the corvettes used to be frigate which may explain why it is still in the same folder.

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