Location of topic tags should be changed

Coincidentally … there is a “bug” to report …
I don’t know if that is intentional - as you made this thread “official” with a tag … this tag should be displayed “right” of the thread-title above - not behind the “home” link …
Looks more like “New Forum Feedback” is official … not this thread.

And while I’m at little tweaks … as mentioned here https://meta.eveonline.com/t/better-home-button/6580 your navigation is a bit lacking. Please make the Home-button a bit more obvious …- give it a bit more space / divide it horizontally from the thread-name / category-home link

Are you able to include a screenshot of this issue?

Not particularly a bug, as much as it is a feature change request. By default Discourse displays any additional information about the topic under the title.