Improvements topics visibility

Hello guys,

I know I am not a permanently involved and heavy user of the forum (starting for a few weeks now) but still I hope you will be willing to consider the following :

I was trying to figure out the game improvements topics that have been proposed so far and it turns out to be complicated even using the search tool.

So far I have figured two tags improvements and forum-improvement “categorizing” posts related to improvements.

If I was the forum manager I would as a complement add a category named “Game Improvements” and another one named “Forum Improvements”, each of them coming with sub categories accordingly.
Examples of sub-categories for “Game Improvements” would be PvP, PvE, Industry, Mining, UI and so on.

In my opinion it would make the forum more readable and the searches more efficient, as all the improvements proposed so far are, I believe, lost among all the categories.
Moreover I feel like lots of them don’t even have one of the two corresponding tag mentionned above attached to them.
Hence having them in a designated category would make them automatically identifiable.

Of course implementing this for already existing posts maybe complicated but for the coming ones I think it would be worth.

Finally I would add that this could also be a way to attract players to the forum by adding an explicit statement on the Eve Online Support web page …


The tags system on the forums in general are a joke and aren’t really used by anyone. So many obvious and useful tags are missing, and several useless tags are present.

We do, however, have two separate forum subcategories that are unambiguously used for players to suggest game improvements and forum improvements:

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