Lockdown Content Recommendations

Thanks to extended covid lockdowns, a lot of people have exhausted netflix, their steam library back catalogues, and all that stuff, and seem hungry for new stuff -myself included. So, I thought it might be cool to have a thread where we share recommendations about TV shows, youtube channels, games, and whatever else you like.

Nerrel - Makes retrospectives about games and movies (funny)
Todd in the Shadows - Music reviews (funny)
Captain Disillusion - Debunks fake viral videos (funny)
Patrick (H) Willems - Film analysis type stuff
Summoning Salt - History of Speedruns
Super Eyepatch Wolf - Mostly Anime with some wresteling. Note that I don’t watch anime, but this guy makes me almost want to start. Linked video isn’t typical for his channel, but it’s super interesting.
Luke Towan - Model Trains and Dioramas

I guess that’s enough for now. If people express an interest, I’ll add more and more stuff.

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I have a crazy suggestion: It’s called “Undocking”.

Alternatively, or as follow-up activity, you can engage in salt-mining or salt-spewing. 2 exhilarating activities.

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That like was not enough also take this one too please :heart:

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