:facepalm: Log chat to file feature is not working


Log chat to file is not working even though i have it selected… I can see everything in game chat(s) however, it will not log chat to file. I did a recent client update and now it does not work for me.



Yup Me too… same issue

same :frowning:

I have had this issue since I clicked the “Verify” button after The Abyss patch was released. I clicked the “Verify” button, again… Still broken.

Basically I have this issue since the Patch for EVE Online: Into The Abyss 1.3 that was released on Tuesday, June 5th 2018

Windows 10 Pro was being Evil.

Microsoft Owes Me 2 weeks of EvE Time!!!

Microsoft put out a update that turned “TURNED BACK ON” the Controlled Folder Access option… So I had to open the Windows Defender Security Center >> Virus and threat Protection >> Virus and threat Protection settings >> “TURNED IT BACK OFF” the Controlled Folder Access option.

This problem was driving me f*cking nuts!!!

In a sense this is a bug that needs to be addressed… now WE have a temp solution to this if anybody else has this issue in the future.


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