Log in issue with Eve portal app

Is it a requirement that you have automatic/recurring payments for omega time renewal to even log into the app or to add characters? I was enjoying using the app for my two accounts with no problems but recently canceled automatic payments via PayPal because I may have to go alpha for a time. I got some odd message about expired tokens for my newest character and could not add it back on to the app. I have three characters on the other account that were added with no problem shortly after the app’s launch. Now I can’t even log into the app. I tried deleting and reinstalling it but that didn’t solve the problem. Single sign in works on all other relevant Eve apps or sites.

I got that, but I just readded the char

But I can’t even log in to do that. :confused:

Are you trying the right app? There is one called just “Eve Portal” (likely discontinued) and the newer one called “Eve Portal 2019”.

See: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pww4x0/introducing-eve-portal-2019-edition

Yes, the new app is what I’m having issues with.

Yes if your tokens were “omega” you may have to clear the data and relog in, the new tokens will be for alphas, you can do things as an omega account that alphas do not have access too.

Clear what data? I am currently omega until my omega time expires. So until then nothing should be affected. I am still able to play as an omega clone up until that time expires.

Tried mine, works fine on omega and alpha.

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