Long time player looking for new content


Recently grown tired of the current environment and looking to shake things up. So now I’m mainly looking for a group that’s running the “new” invasions, preferably on the Triglavian side.

Short about me:
Been playing for some years, can fly all ships bar a few, which aren’t too far away
Jack of all trades, have tried most activities in the game
Fun is fun, and fun shared is usually more fun. Feel free to PM me if you have an invasion group or know of one I can reach out to :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the flow brother. My corporation is based on trig collective and will evolve and grow with the triglavian society that currently is in the game. I have connections to groups also if you’d like you can pm Aaron Dandy in game. I have sent you a personal message already and can help you integrate into our society

Cheers, replied to your mail :slight_smile:

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