[New & Old Players Welcome] - Triglavian Runner Corporation


We’re looking for players of all calibers who are interested in running Triglavian Invasion sites with a side focus on various forms of combat both pve and pvp. We’ll be a nomadic group so you’ll get to see various regions of EVE while we move around to follow the invasions.

“But I am new and I don’t know how do things?” That is ok we can mentor you and help provide a tight knit community to get you going.

We’ll be flying Triglavian ships like the Damavik / Vedmak / Drekavac / Leshak so those are the ships your likely to train into as your skills mature.

Our primary focus is on fun and camaraderie while seeking isk or fights. Our crew is relatively laid back and it is a less demanding community. We expect that our members focus on other things like life out side of EVE and family as needed so if you need to disappear for a few days or a week that is fine.

We’re hoping to grow upwards of around 25-35 members give or take so that we all know one another and can work as a fleet where ever we go.

One of the main things to consider is timezone and we are primarily looking for people who can operate between 02:00 - 06:00 EVE time in the US and AUS time zones.

Join channel -=RESTITUTION=- if you’d care to learn more and have a chat.

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  • Yes you can use the same Email more than once

Good luck with your adventures in EVE.

Take care o7

We are still looking for new members. Online tonight Join the channel -=RESTITUTION=- and have a chat!

I’m a returning player (18m SP) coming back after about 5 year hiatus. I’m loving the feel of conduits, and I was wondering if you’re still recruiting?

tried to join channel but it doesnt exist

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