Looking for a corp/home


Player been on and off playing for several years. Forgotten almost all of what little bit I’ve known about EVE.

Not looking to dive into null sec and not looking for this to become a RL for me. I’m looking for a corp that understands RL comes first and gaming comes after.

Most of my free gaming time will be day and evening US east coast time. Prefer a corp active during this time.

I have several characters. miners, PVE, PVP and the like. Characters range from 130m+ skill points to as little as 15m skill points.

Looking to get back into the game slowly to learn EVE again with a corp with patience and a good FC. Prefer an active corp.

I check my in game email more than posts here, feel free to contact me through via convo or email.

Thanks for reading.

Hi. You should check out Noir. We’re a merc alliance that lives in Thera, but we take contracts all over the game, doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord

We might be a good fit for you mate

Hey man! Welcome back to the EvE world! I saw you are not that interesting in null, however I decided to give it a shot and poke you! We are small sized corporation, our main goals is to have fun from EvE and understanding that RL comes first, cause it is just a game after all. We are still growing but we like to have like minded players on our side :slight_smile: I am on a work tonigh but tomorrow might try to message you ingame either way we can spoke on discord! Poke me Glorfindeil#2642

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Stop by and ask us anything.

Bump, still looking around.

Try [ Absolute Order ] Corp there in game chat: [ AO Recruitment ] they have structures with benefits near Jita main hub and all over…

BottIe Top Hope we interest you, in game mail sent, reach back for additional questions if needed. Fly Wise o7.

Come check us out. We are a great group to be around.

u got any cap alts ?

Hi. We are a smaller wormhole corp. if you’re interested, we’d like to talk with you.


Still wandering around peeking at corps. Some really nice corps have posted here. Keep them coming. I’ll eventually decide on something.

Again, just looking for a stable laid back corp with good FCs and good PVE when other activities aren’t happening.

Looking for a RL comes first corp and a bunch of fun! I’m an old fart in RL, so I’m looking for a corp with mature players.

Thanks for all the wonderful replies thus far.

We are Recruiting.Pvpers/PvE/iNDUSTRY
In Game Chanel -
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ We are Invidia Gloriae Comes
✪ Member of The Imperium
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ New Players Welcome
✪ Period Basis / Delve
✪ Free Ships/BPO/BPC To Use
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ Team Speak/Mumble/Discord
✪ Fleets in ENG/FR/GER
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Bumpty bump

Hey bottle, welcome back to the game, I think we might just be what you’re looking for, we’re pretty chill and take the time to teach everyone, and our FC’s are quite relaxed when it comes to things as well, take a look if you’d like.

Come give us a try

Plenty of instructor positions and ions available

Always active

Hi @BottIe_Top

TDSIN is recruiting!

We live in lowsec, so we’ve an abundance of wormhole connections for pvp content! We roam, hunt through wormholes, black ops drop on people, and do medium sized fights every day in USTZ and EUTZ!

We pvp throughout the whole of New Eden as all the wormhole connections allow us to move around a lot.

We also just turned 13 years old recently, and we’ve got a lot of older players and returning ones joining. We have a casual laid back approach to things so there’s no CTAs or mandatory operations.

We have an onboarding department to help new and returning players lives a bit easier when they join and if people want it we do a fair bit of mentoring and hand holding to make sure people know the ropes as best they can.

If any of that interests you, hop into “TDSIN Recruitment” channel in game and come have a chat!

Here’s the link to our recruitment post on the forums for the whole spiel:

We are Recruiting
In Game Chanel - Cartel.Pub
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ IGC Alliance
✪ Member of The Imperium
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ We are a vet corp 5mil SP must
✪ Null Sec
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ EU/US/AU Time Zones
Invidia Gloriae Comes - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
✪ Alliance/Coalition Discords/Team Speak

Laid back, RL comes first is our motto!

come and have a look