Looking for a corp

Hello everyone. I am looking for a high sec possibly low sec corp to join. A corp that has a big focus on mining. PVE/PVP is always part of the game regardless. I am not interested in gank groups pvp really. War with a objective be it for corp benefit or defense is fun. Today’s gank or be ganked pvp is not my cup of tea thank you. Real life comes first is a must have.

I have a 53 mil so Orca/mission pilot and 24 mil sp hulk/skiff pilot. Previous game experience 2003-2010

45 year old PDT player. Mellow casual dude. Enjoy the hell out of relaxing with some EVE. Want a cool group to share it with while building anything EVE related as a team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Fly safe 07

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Sounds like you might be a good addition to our family.

You might enjoy Corporation 1, we are mainly returning players, with some newbies like myself thrown in for good measure.

We do a fair bit of mining along with everything else in the game as it takes our fancy. No agenda, no mandatory Corps ops, just play a game and chill.

While we are mainly EUTZ we do have some USTZ and other players so we would welcome you.

Shoot grislymonster or myself a message in game if you want to know more.

Fly safe

In-game recruiting mail set.

Looking forward to meeting you

Would love to chat we are looking for pilots like you :smiley:

We have a home for you in White Dragon Industries. Check out our post in the recruitment thread and join our public recruiting channel. Lets get you moving in the right direction today.

Fly Safe!

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