Looking for a corp

Hi all.
Retuning player looking for a corp. I did quit the game around 2015 my char was back then redbelly phirana. Sold the guy and gave the isk to a few friend in the corp. Now im back with a new char. Looking for a highsec/lowsec corp to do pve with. My only intention to do pvp is when its needed as im low skillpoints. Need to learn alot because i been out off game a long time.
Im eu based playing mostly in the evening.
If you have a spot free then let me know.

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Hi do you also have discord? If so can you dm me the link? Would like to have a little text chat with you all. Thx


If that doesn’t work out for you, Dreddit is Recruiting, feel take a look at our recruitment forum post, you can also find one in game, or join our discord to chat with our HR team along with a variety of FCs and pilots.

Hi, might this be something for you? → Discord

You Are Welcome With Us.
Jump in our corp Discord. :grinning:

Hi Angelina

Despite us not being PVE focused perhaps we could be a great home for you!

if you are looking for a PVP focused experience then please consider our alliance as we would be a great option for you.

We are very much new player friendly and can help with ships for new players as well as ongoing PVP experience.

We are based in Pochven, (easily accessible from null, low , high sec and wormhole space) and focus on PVP primarily. I say primarily as we respect everyone’s desire to have a fun player experience so there are no rules really other that being on coms when joining a PVP fleet and following FC direction.

That doesn’t exclude new players. I am not for a moment saying we will make you ISK RICH in the sense of having hundreds of billions of isk from PVP but can provide ongoing content, ships for fleets, SRP, friendly coms and no restrictions on your own game play if you want to do your own thing to make additional isk outside of when you join us on fleets.

if you would like a no holds barred chat about what we can offer, jump on our discord and speak to primeryissecondary (director) or one of the other members and find out why we are a great team to fly with.

If you want to get feel for who we are please feel free to have a look at our latest vid below

The Morgue. alliance recruitment

You can of course always join our public fleets and pew pew with us before formally joining to see what we are about.


Join the The morgue. :skull: Discord Server!

Check out the The morgue. :skull: community on Discord - hang out with 340 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Low skill points is not bar to PVP. We will provide plenty of experience, ships to get you started and advice on what to train, but equally let you do your own thing when you don’t jump in fleets.

My advice as a player since 2003 is give a few corps and alliances a try, find what you truly enjoy as its ultimately about having fun and avoiding ‘grind’ :smiley:


Hey come check us out :slight_smile:

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