Looking for a corporation

Hello my name is Cloud kills gaming (my user name) I am a freelance miner/pve mission runner I am looking to expand into nulsec but I need a strong corporation to give me the security to live in null/low sec and to help me get out there I don’t ask much just please give me honestly I am not looking for pvp but I will participate in a war if need be but I am weak and still fairly new (less than 40 hours) I can be any task you want me to be other than pvp. I’d love to learn a lot with who I meet and expand what I know about the game
If you would like to recruit me or just chat with me in general here’s my discord sever.

Federation of Freedom Fighters [F-OFF]. We just moved from null sec a week ago and are moving back to null sec this weekend. You’re more than welcome to join us.

Send Mokey PYD an in game mail, I’ll hook you up :slight_smile:


guess we are the corp you looking for

join our public channel “AKIMA Pub” or contact me ingame


Do you have a discord or team speak I can join to contact you I’d like yo get to know people I’ll be working under

Sure lemme send you an in game mail. I’m at work atm.

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