Looking for a Goonswarm Liason

(StarterrorPrime) #1

As with a recent release of June’s economic reports, this has garnished my attention towards the delve region due to additional interests within the Amarr empire. I am looking for someone to purchase items on my behalf in Goonswarm territory and potentially transfer it to an agreed upon site where i can deliver it to a nearby secondary trade hub for profit. Please contact me if you are willing to negotiate with me.

(DrMaddog) #2

Just say you’re looking to buy supers and titans to resell. Being cryptic about it isn’t fooling anyone.

(mkint) #3

I’m sure they’ve got a bridge they can sell you. I’m pretty sure they deal exclusively in bridges.

(StarterrorPrime) #4

Oh nothing like that, Im talking more along the lines of Common goods like minerals, ore, small ships, and ship modules, nothing that wouldn’t cause too much alarm for any superiors. Buying capitals simply begs for trouble on all fronts and would be extremely stupid on my part. I simply wish to take advantage of current geopolitics at the moment to make a profit, and save myself the effort of having to send in an infiltrator because it would seem suspicious to have an alt appear to join out of nowhere with no prior employment history with a birthdate within the past week.

(mkint) #5