[BUYBACK][GENERAL] Hangar cleaner, General buyback! Buying anything anywhere*

​Willing to buy anything anywhere * for the right price.

*Except cosmetics, mainly npc stations but willing to accept stuff in well known upwell stagings ( 1DQ1-A, MJ-5F9 …) pricing relative to locaiton and size.

Minimunm per location value 1b

Also buying:

Jump freighters

For any questions or to discuss price reach me in discord:​

Or mail me:
touble man


fast transaction, reasonable offer

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Very pleasant to work with, especially to sell stuff in places I can no longer access, thanks very much!

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I have 4 Rorquals in Lonetrek Lowsec Npc Station. What is your price offer?

In game mail sent

I find your offer of 4.25 Bil per rorqual quite underwhelming so I must refuse.

reached out and quickly accepted 2 contracts. Made clearing asset safety out much easier!

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can you connect ingame? i’ve sent you a contract :slight_smile: thank you

I am on, I don’t see any pending contracts or contracts from your character, did you sent it from another char and is already accepted? if not double check you contract it to the right person

it was one another char :slight_smile: , we made the deal ^^ all"s fine! thank you for your fast response :wink:

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Got a nidhogguer in basgerin if interested



Joshua Hailey I mail you in game
Yodik yeah I would be willing to buy that, but considering they go for under 200b in regular space I don’t see anyone in their right mind buying one inside Thera for 230b

price formed by comfort hauling it in any region.
what is ur offer? i will think.

still buying!

Anything anywhere*!!

Hi there! Sent you ingame mail (Hangar buyback enquiry *** NPC station)

Will be waiting for your possible offer

Find me also on Discord at:


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Quick fast and easy, Thank you!

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Transaction completed

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good to deal with, quick response.

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