[WTS] Rorqual with large rigs

I’ve had this sitting around for a long time and want to sell it.

facts about this rorqual:
–3 large cargohold optimization rigs fitted (legacy from back when rigs were only 1 size).
–located in the Lonetrek region docked in a lowsec NPC station
–no fittings and no fuel. It’s just the rorq and the fitted rigs.

Open to any fair offers via this post or in-game mails.

5 bil

Still for sale.

any clarifying information on how much you want?

Absolute minimum I’d take is 5.5 bil.

Ok. 5.5 bil

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5.6B isk

6 bil

6 bil accepted. Contract is up.

Awesome, thanks. I’m currently working and will accept this evening (10 ish hours)

Accepted, thank you