Looking for a Highsec PVE/Mission running corp. EUTZ

72m SP. IRL becoming a little busy so moving back to highsec to live the easy life for a bit. After a PVE/Mission running corp. Never done them so would like to learn and have a few guys I can bug with questions and chat with on coms

Ben, message me in game! Sounds like we might be a good fit. We have a mission running group and also a ton of other things you can get into whenever you’re around. We live on a high sec island, but have a specific area we use for missions. We’re EU and USTZ, we are a IRL comes first corp that has no time requirements with an active discord. 1% tax too, so perfect for making isk.

Oh you need these guys … Malevelon Roe Industries … I think they will be exactly what you’re looking for.

They’re a good group and run by some well respected Eve community streamers, Ashterothi and PocketsDK.

Visit us here for further info.

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