Looking for a Low-sec or Pochven PvP corp

I’ve been playing eve for 1 year and half and was away for 3 months, recently came back to New Eden.
Back then I was in PH and was a F1 monkey and solo PVP’d sometimes.

Now I left PH cuz I got bored of Null and now I join NPSI fleets occasionally while making isk by doing frigate abyssals in high sec.
And I’m looking for a PVP corp in Low or Pochven.

I have 4 accounts but 3 of them used for high sec abyssals and rather want them to stay in my private corp for high sec activities.
And due to recent price changes I’m not gonna increase omegas from 4 so I only can provide 1 char (this one that I’m posting from).

This char has 56M SP and can fly T3Cs except proteus, dictors and command destroyers, hac, interceptors, trigs other than Leshak and Zirnitra and Nergal, no caps, Logi and Recon are 4, can use T2 links but can’t fly CS.
But for supcaps if there’s doctrine I can’t fly yet ofc I’ll focus on training them as possible.

I’m not a native English speaker but can listen read and write, can also speak but don’t expect much!
My TZs are usually in between AU and EU but US sometimes. Basically I play at least for 2 to 3 hours every day.

If your corp has pvp fleets frequently I’d like to join. I can make isk my own so don’t really need isk making environments.

My KB:Hammon Ulsen | Character | zKillboard

Thank you in advance

Hello Hammon, I am a recruiter from Eagle Wing Industries part of CVA alliance. We are not actually located in low-sec or Pochven but we are a PVP alliance located in Esoteria. We are looking for more experienced PVPers who don’t want to be f1 monkeys. Every person is a valuable member of every fleet. We have daily fleets and lots of pvp content. We mostly have mid-sized fits with about 150 people total on field and lots of fun. Our only requirements is that you are able to fly a Cerb, have a working microphone, and are able to join fleet when possible. Here is a link to our corporation Killboard https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98370987/. Here is an example of the great fights that we have Battle Report Tool. I know that we may not be exactly what you are looking for but come down to our discord EWI Recruitment and say hello. We might be just the kind of home you are looking for. o7

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