Looking for a new Alliance


We are active EU and US timezone. We can bring numbers to fleets.
We live in Stain and wish to continue to do so, we aren’t interested in clogging up your SOV space.
We can provide content in exchange for some support.
Looking for Ideally local SOV holding Alliance or local Stain/Lowsec Alliance.

Please reach me with direct in game mail and feel free to link Discords.
Would potentially consider a merger into another Corp if most things align.

Look forward to hearing back from people.

Hi there m8

I run The morgue. a small and independent pvp alliance but from what you wrote it seems we got quite a lot in common.

We currently operate from pochven and venal. That being said if the conditions are right from our side we would not have anything in mind to operate from stain npc space instead of venal.

If you want to talk more let me know so we can talk on coms or in-game.

Other than that best of luck finding a new home


Hey I know this is quite off from what you are looking for but because I know you guys are content guys for PVP I will throw in the offer. We are a corp that lives inside of a C2 wormhole. We have various ways to make ISK with daily PVE fleets. Content is never an issue because we have a nullsec static wormhole that we use for PVP and a C5 static for logistics/PVE which is one of the best ISK/h in the game.

If you guys are interested in merging corps which would be the easiest solution or joining your corp in our alliance we can have a further discussion on discord. Again I know it doesnt align with what you are looking for but sometimes something fresh is nice and we are all a very chill and laid back group.

You can check above what we have to offer with also killboard link and discord if interested and below is a reddit post that I wrote myself with a deeper explanation of who we are and how we defended our home.


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John Jansa thanks for writing here and the offer but not what I’m looking for. We live in Stain and have done for 10+ years with no plans to move.

Primeryissecondary, Interesting offer, I’m interested. We are Stain based and have been for 10+ years. If Stain works for you guys then we can talk for sure. Feel free to reach me in game for a chat or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/nhJtrBzy

We offer daily fleets, corp can delegate people to alliance leadership, where decisions are made together, we have an industry wing, multiple alliance services from hauling to industry. We have a seperate industry wing, WH activity, null sec roams.

We are mostly in FW active so you will get tons of content. Hit me up on discord or ingame: Cromwell #9512

Cool reach-out L0rdF1end o7 Always nice to see corporations take new ways!

I wont pretend we are close by or around (corp home in Outer Ring) :wink: But I wish you all the best to find a solid solution for you and your members.

Hey there, we are currently on a crusade in Pure Blind trolling BRAVE, honestly think you would love it!

I’m from Brave, but I’ve seen an alliance called Good Sax that lives in Stain. Not sure how they operate exactly, but maybe you can ask them?

Thanks Dom Basse, Good Sax are a part of the Stainbloc, we are not. Too much toxic and other things I don’t agree with go on inside that coalition. We’d join Brave if you were in the South, gl with the war! We are rooting for you.

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As I said, I’m not sure about their exact working, have met a couple people from GS and they were pretty chill dudes, is all I know.

Hope you guys find a good place to settle down in, and thanks for the support mate. :slight_smile:

Good evening friend

If you have not set up your mind yet, I am Darien Avan of Vanguard Syndicate, we are a small new alliance that sprang out hard decisions and free will. We are allied to FIRE and we live at Scalding Pass. A place where has mostly zero strategic prospective for big null groups.
We value free will, independence, and the ability to do our thing. We are small but fierce and loyal to our own. Do consider us and maybe we could talk.

We have space for you, and we could possibly be a good match. Hop in our discord

shame alls not well with ya corp/space, if you trolled less you might have better contacts in which to solve these issues, hope you find what your looking for, but it def wont be with us.

Edrik Prime, Wow? I don’t even know who you are lol. Have fun Immensea I guess. Who is trolling what now? I wasnt interested already but thanks for the post…
Some folks just plain weird…
Anyways, still looking for possible new homes, not much around, we will be patient and see what pops up.

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