Looking for a new corp with players over 30 (70 mil skill point char)

Hi @Karol_Godula,

As a 40+ player, I get where you are coming from. We are a mature, laid-back corp with a “real life comes first” mentality. If anyone in my group is under 30, they certainly don’t act like it.

We out of low-sec, where we can get all the benefits of improved resources and access to PvP without being buried deep in null-sec territory.

We run small-gang tactical fleets to ensure that content feels engaging. If PvP is not your thing, we have a strong industrial infrastructure that would allow you to mine quality moon ores, low-sec ice, and gas clouds to support all of your invention, Tech II production, and drug manufacturing needs. If missions are more your speed, we have access to several L5 agents.

I’d like to invite you to check out our ad and our board and come have a chat with us if and when it suits you. I hope you find what you are looking for.