Looking for a new home

Two mates recently deciding they wanna take a step back from nullsec for a while.

So we’re now looking for a new home, we are mainly looking towards wormholes, however we will not turn down a good offer even in different aspects of the game.

A little about us.

Both employed full time so we usually play in the eve afternoon time.

Both running multiple toons and have access to many different sorts of ships.
All our toons are ranging between 30 - 60 mil SP.

Hey there Laylah,

I’m with ISK.Industries, and we run out of HighSec, are a Industrial/PVE/PVP Corp that is getting more involved in lowsec pvp.

If you are interested message me in game or drop into our DS and we can chat

Hey Laylah Akiga

I hope this interests you, null without the SOV and daily CTA bullcrap:
Happy Cartel - Stain NPC - EU/US Timezone - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums


We have recently launched a new corp, and would love to welcome you aboard and help us grow further. We are interested in Faction Warefare, but we do also PvE and have regular mining and industry related activities!

hi there m8

just make sure to check us out please



Are you guys USTZ or play in USTZ?

We are starting up in low sec if that interests yall at all. Check out our recruitment post and feel free to ask any questions!

-Social infrastructure would be a good fit for you. We have mature tight nit community. We like to pvp, and have fun pve isk making fleets. We are based out in low sec, and it’s been a supper fun area to be. We have quite a few returning player that have joined, and been loving it. Just ask them.

We have great logistics to help keep us supplied and get you move in, and corp hangers with ships so you can just grab and go.

Most of us have world commitments to keep us from playing as much as we would like. We don’t have any required play time railroads comes 1st. It’s a video you play it when you want to.

Our discord Stay Feral

Become an KR & Criminal hunter? :sunglasses:

Here our post m8, see what yha think…


Its good to see you are looking for a new home because I have an excellent place for you that based on your description would be a perfect fit.

I’ve sent you an eve mail and looking forward to your reply even if you would just like a quick chat to find out if we are what you are looking for.

You can also reach us here “Wolves in the Webway - C4 Wormhole Corp - Recruiting Now!

Hope to hear from you soon and fly dangerous o7

Banana-Republic. (IQ300) is recruiting in both the EU and US TZ’s. we offer null sov and a mix of all different sec’s worth of PVP. We are in the middle of recuiting an EU core with an already strong USTZ, and you definitely meet our recruitment standards. Our corp is currently a robust army of multi-TZ players each with multiple cap alts. WE HAVE ALLOT OF FUN! We can be reached at IQ300.net which is a direct link to our Discord. Hope to speak to u soon.

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