Looking for a new null fit- US TZ all options welcome

I’m looking for a new fit in null sec. A mix of aggressive and laid back.

  • I’m looking for access to moon mining, even if I get taxed on it or pay a rental upfront for it. r64/r32/r16
  • pvp on a cap level ( I want to drop dreads/carriers, even titans on stuff, not sit around tethered waving spacedicks).
    I’m going to address this a little bit more. I don’t care about killboards I care about fun. Sitting next to 600 other super capitals in the imperium isn’t fun for me. Its almost to big to enjoy smaller carrier roams/dread bombs.
  • I’d like to take a chance on getting into t2 production. I have done supers/titans/caps. This is why I want the moon access. If you can’t mine 50% of what your building then your really subject to market manipulations and can get burned easily.
  • I have no problem pvp, attending fleets. I’m in numerous pvp sigs/squads in the imperium currently.
  • I am usually a person contributing to pap numbers not needing them.

If you have problems taking ex goons then I’m not for you.

what I bring- 8 accounts usually 2 are alpha though - some of these pilots hold multiple roles but below is a general overview.

120m sp subcap pilot
medium skill point subcap pilot (can fly most logi)
2 titans with pilots
2 fax pilots
between these chars 4 rorqs
4 dreads capable pilots with a 5th getting close.

Bottom line is I’m willing to talk to anyone about possibilities. I am however looking for currently established corps.

Sent you an in game mail.

responded to you ingame.

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