Looking For A NEWBRO Friendly corp!?!?!

The Silver Lions, You Will Not be Treated like a Number. Everyone will be treated fairly!

All NewBros Welcome to join us!

Where all of EVE can hear your roar from exploding ships… HA!

We Are looking to start up a ship replacement program. Needing People for industry. This is a brand-New Corp

Already have An ESI Checker! You’ll be able to find the ESI threw are discord channel. Also Looking for someone with an Orca for mining ops.

Living in High Sec, Long term will Be Null Sec,

What Silver Lions can offer you!

making long term friends to fly with.

Free SkillBooks! And Ships!

Join Lions Public channel, to start getting more information about joining us. The Silver Lions

P.s. We need to fill ranks.! Such as Recruiters

Bumps- yo guys we got pizza with pineapples look, come PewPew

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