Looking for a null-sec corp, 126mil SP

I am looking for a nullsec corp. I recently left a WH corp that was amazing (Krypted Gaming) but due to work was unable to keep up with the optempo. I can only play on the weekend and not during the week due to job. I have 126mil SP and it is all in subcaps. I have no capital SP and no desire to fly caps in a blob. I enjoy fleets with manual piloting and no f1 monkey blobs. I can fly almost any subcap ship in the game except edencom. Hit me up and lets see if I am a fit for your corp playstyle.

I am central Timezone.

gotta place for u come to this discord https://discord.gg/bnfYa7

We are always looking for good pilots like you :slight_smile:

We are a nullsec corp who recently left the blob, come have a chat.

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