Looking for a NULL sec corp:


I’m Defrahnz, I’m looking for a null sec corp with a SOV.

I’m highly ratting person, with a bs I can do Havens in a short time. Actually I’m have 13 m sp, mostly of them are in skills for fly everything, with some things in t2 (small/medium laser, medium hybrid torrets, trining rockets and artillery to t2);

I connect around the 3/4 hours EVE time. I’m speak spanish/english and whatever of those 2 corps was well for me.

Greetings o7

Hello mate , come chat with us on discord :slight_smile:

Hi there

We are a corp under the imperium we are looking for new players
we have a great bunch of guys here willing to help and have a laugh
We are called WCS

join our pub channel to have a chat WCS-Pub



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