Looking for a nullsec pve home

So i got tired of null politics a few years back and moved to hisec now im super bored of missions, mining crap ore an having to fight for crappy anoms with crap faction spawns. i do have pvp exp tho i am not interested in pvp much at all. i would like to get into serpentis or drone space but i can deal with something other than them 2. as for my skills and assets i can fly all gallante ships minus the erebus, only an hour from being able to sit in 1 and about a month to fly 1 effectively, i perfer carriers but can rat in a bs with ease, most if not all of my core skills are at 5, drone skills except for fighter skills are at 5 minus 1 or 2. can use t2 hybrids and cruise missiles, all other mods can use t2. i do enjoy maintaining infrastructure (POS/Citidels/JB/Cyno Beacons etc) i am currently based out of cadari space in the forge. if you are interested in having me or have any other questions feel free to send deathfacade a mail in game on tq or sisi


Are you looking to rent in null?


i dont have the funds to rent tbh, everyone in my corp is my alts who serve a dif purpose, i wont be bringing my corp with me anywere, ill have 1 of my alts hold it for me

were in null are yall?

We are down in ten

Legends Unbound are always looking for people in Querious.

https://discord.gg/txhxpgB Corporation Discord, join and we can talk about what we offer.

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