Looking for a place called home

I am looking for a solid group to help me learn how to play again. I took a 5-year break, and just got a sub again. I am wanting to join a PvE group or someone who can help teach me how to earn money. I am currently on a UK/KST Time zone!

Thank you for your time!


Hey there,

First of all welcome back to the game u’ll never want to leave :slight_smile:
if u want to join a corp with hands on mentality and always ready to help come join us.
we have alot to offer to new players and old.

heres the corp add if u want to take a looksie

and here’s our discord:

ur always welcome to have a chat
coz we know u’ll like it :wink:

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Hey ok so ignore all the nullsec corp responses you’re going to get … for SOLID PvE money-making, then you definitely want to visit these guys:

Malevelon Roe Industries

It’s run by some well respected community streamers, and is a great place to start earning money.

Here’s their Discord, you should go and chat to them. Say I sent you.

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Hello @Logaen_Regius and welcome back to the game we hate to love.

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. If you get a chance, come take a closer look at who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

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Hey @Logaen_Regius

Welcome back! If you’re at all interested in lowsec and npc 0.0 pvp our corp Filthy Peasants may be the perfect for you.

We’e a EU-US TZ pvp corp that live in the Placid region. We have great FCs and established leadership that work hard to provide regular pvp opportunities. We also own many regions of high value moons and other forms of PvE such as level 5 missions for all of your isk making needs.

Check out our forum post below and join our chat channel Open Filth in game to speak to a recruiter.

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