Looking for a small app idea


I figured I would build a simple EVE app. I want to use it in my portfolio, so it has to use public data (nothing behind an ESI login wall).

I am thinking about visualising some data in graphs using d3.js. Market data seems the somewhat obvious choice. Any cool ideas on something easy to build? It would be cool if it was useful to someone :slight_smile: .


There have been a couple of recent threads of people asking if there were programs that did certain things.

Thanks, but these ideas both require ESI login. I am looking for something everyone can take a look at, even people that don’t play eve.

Oh, I swear I have reading comprehension skills. I just forgot them at home today.

No prob. All suggestions are welcome, they might at least trigger some inspiration.

As you mentioned in your OP, market data is pretty much the goto resource for not requiring login (however that does come with caveats, in order to see citadel market data you have to auth)

I made a fun one a few years back that I think should still work, where it calculates which ships you could buy from NPC stations, insure, self destruct and make a profit GitHub - skiedude/Eve-Insurance-Fraud

Looking over the un-authed endpoints

  • Faction Warfare: Could make an interesting one displaying FW data. You could also pull in the universe endpoints for system kills and system jumps
  • LP: You could try to make yet another LP store tool, the ones I’m aware of are a bit clunky and hard to read
  • War tracker: use the 3 war endpoints to track wars, new wars, ended wars, perhaps add up the isk value of each side etc

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