Looking for a USTZ null-sec or WH corp

Returning player looking for a home in null or wh space. Looking for a balance between pve and pvp.

Main character has 154mil sp. Can fly most subcaps as well as dreads and carrier. Lots of pvp experience in small and large gangs.

Sahhhhh duddddeeeee!!! Come check us out. We do both null-sec and wormhole space fights. Good vibes!

If you are looking for a place where we fight, say GF and aren’t toxic with the main desire of leaning, feel free to join our discord and hit us up :slight_smile:

We can offer you both, come chat when your available

We are a small tight corp, our alliance is part of the Imperium. We have plenty of small gang and large fleets and all kinds of ratting and mining anoms to run. Check us out, hope to hear from you.

Come speak with us :slight_smile:

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