Looking for a WH corp/ alliance with US EST main playerbase base

Hi, I am a vet from way back in the day and I decided to make a new character instead of use the old one. I have a decent understanding on the general mechanics of the game, and was looking to get into a WH corp or alliance that had an active EST player base. I want to do PVP and rat mainly and I am good in both fleet and solo activity. My main focus for the moment is triglavian ships (looking specifically at the HAC as my ship of interest. Im ok with doing background checks and all that and can answer any questions about my old alt on request. I just don’t want to have to keep a dozen different apps open just to be in the group. discord is cool but don’t need the overkill that some groups tend to do. I will be moderately active, typically playing for a few hours at night all week and more often Monday- Wednesday through the days. in game name is RestlessAura. Previous vet account was Logan Starmule which is still an account I have access to but don’t use often if at all.

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