Looking for a WH corp for my alt

Hello I have 4 characters, been playing since 2004. 190, 140, 100 and a 25mill sp char alt. Haven’t ever done much wormhole pvp. Looking to out my 25mill SP char into a wormhole corp for some pvp. Training him for solely minmatar. Anyone recruiting? May put two chars into it possibly. UK timezone.

Hey Boss!

Still here? Holy ■■■■!

It’s a tight knit group of adults with real lives. Most are married, and just look forward to working together/shooting the poop with a bunch of other turbo nerds after work.

They prefer 21+, but that’s not immediately disqualifying.

Either way, I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you think.

Best of luck in New Eden. Live, Die, and Live Again!

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That looks right up my street. I’m 30 and getting married in 2020. I’m a memelord and I’m the best ship spinner in the whole of new eden, I have the highest ship spin count of any other player. Im away for my anniversary this weekend but I will drop you an evemail asap.

Looking forward to it Boss!

You can also hop in Discord and say Hi anytime! https://discord.gg/VTwhpN

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