Looking for a Zero BS merc group

As the title suggests. Looking for a serious Merc Group. One that actually responds to ingame mails and is willing to negotiate terms regarding Citadel setup and defense in low sec. Don’t want any hi-sec wannabies with Killboard stats of where 30 take on 10 and believe that they are superior in skill.

What I need:

As stated above, I need the initial setup of a Structure in low -sec.
Before and after Anchoring.
A merc Group that can field at least 20 players of which 6 are at least Capital class ships.
Willing to defend said structure from any threats during Vulnerability Hours.
Willingness to use a Teamspeak set up by client ( In this case me )

What I offer in return:

VERY lucrative payout for the initial setup.
A month to month payment plan on the defense of said structure.
Discount on Capital Class Ships. ( With the occasional Freebie thrown into the mix )

Been in the manufacturing game for 9 years now, and with the bonus’s that Cits now offer in lowsec and the ease with which things can now be done ( so glad CCP did away with the POS system ), there is now a huge profit margin to be made operating out of low sec.

Not in a hurry to setup, but the sooner the better.
Please send me an ingame mail.

No Wuss Merc Groups need apply.

Best Regards