Looking for abyssal runners im unable to do voice chat

im looking for people to do abyssals with who dont mind me not being able to do voice chat i have only mastered t1 electricals with a worm due to not being able to use hawks on my alts yet but im impatient and would like to do higher tiers while i wait for my alts to be ready

i have the skills for hawk and jackdaw not every skill is max yet though as doing t1 for skill injectors takes a very long time

Hey there! I’m planning on finding a larger abyssals group when I can, but I’ve been doing T2s and T3s fairly successfully for a minute now. I have one other in my group that is doing so as well, and she doesn’t use voice. If interested, message me in-game (Twitchy McTwitch), we’d love to have you onboard. I’m hoping to put together a little cadre of people who can consistently do Abyssals and work together on the higher tiers.

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