Looking for active mining corp

I’m trying to get back into eve started this character and boosted it up to be able to mine looking for an active mining corp don’t really care where but if its null sec I would need to be able to buy a ship and fit to mine their from the corp. I generally play on weekdays from 06:00 to 10:00 server time and at random times throughout the day on weekends. Mostly looking for a corp because it’s really boring and rather annoying to mine with 1 account filling the ore hold in 3 mins warping to station repeat.

Wellcome back to the game!

I might be able to offer you something of interest.

Heyas RandomMc!

Club Zer0 is part of the NEMA Alliance, we host moon rock mining for our members regularly. If you’re into mining and industry, check this out!

Contact us on our Discord, or ingame through our “Club Zer0 Pub Chat”… Or contact me directly in game!

Fly safe! o7

I can recommend Duckzer Mining Corporation in Razor Alliance :slight_smile:

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