Looking for an actual active mining corp

As the title says please link me an actual active mining corp low or highsec. None of the dozens I have tried even replied or show any activity in mining actively. I am new but Im experienced enough to see a lot of mining corporations are dead.

I have a Mining Barge and some experience in Low Sec mining too which didnt go too well solo, looking for an active group to mine with daily in fleets only.

Hi, if you do not mind start ups then we might be something for you?

We are not purely mining all the time but it happens more then the other content atm.
As of yet we are only 3 players in total. But given a more time we will grow and the mining fleet will get bigger as well :slight_smile:

See if you like the idea and if you do then do reach out to me :slight_smile:

You Are Welcome

Hey Sister
Come check out our post! It might be a bit daring but whats reward with no risk? after all its why we play EVE!

You can find out some more info about us in the link below as well as how to reach us for more personalized chats :slight_smile:
We hope to hear from you!

  • Jaded

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