Looking for an italian corp

Hi so im looking for an italian corp cause i joined some english corp but i wasnt able to understand all. I just want an italian corp where i can ask things about the game or just playing.

Do you speak only italian? What about french or german?

italian english and i study french but i speak it like 3/10

Check out the Alliance Sev3rance. They are Mostly Italian and quite fun.

hey so i searched in the game Sev3rance and the search bar give the name Sev3rance holdings but dont find any corp… why? Is there another way to search a corp?

Try speaking to this guy image

Just stumbling over your post @Aurico_Dartas - we have an Italian corp in our Alliance (Razor). So I leave you the link here and you can contact them if you are still looking for a corp.

o7 and fly safe

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