#italian_nullsec_corporation HORIZON FORGE

Basically we are a group of italian friends working toghter for a common goal, yeah, nearly every corp in EVE can tell the same story, but we do it our way, and our way is different, we make things happen.

What we offer:

SRP at a corp and alliance level;
Free mining ships, well, the first one;
Buyback program for everything, we pay in isks or hulls, it’s your choice;
Mining ops with full boosts;
Sov Space and great sec;
Discord Server;
Hours of female/male dancers;

What we require:

Above all ACTIVE players;
We’re an indy corp, but the willing to defend sov and home is a must, so be prepared to undock something that hurts;

Experienced, mature and focused players;
A minimum of required sp, you have to live in null, and below a certain amuount of skill points, you won’t enjoy your game;
We accept Alpha Clones once in a while, that player must show from the very beggining the intention to upgrade Omega asap;

Being Italian is a plus, but we accept even other kinds, you have to learn it quickly tho;

!!! The better way to come in contact with us it’s to join the “HFOR Public” ingame channel and ask there for our recruiters or directors.

!!! Il miglior modo per entrare subito in contatto con noi è collegarsi al canale in gioco “HFOR Public”.

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We are still looking.
Stiamo ancora cercando, accorrette.

We are still looking.
Stiamo ancora cercando, accorrette.

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