[EU-TZ] VIP (Very Italian/International People) Is Recrutiing ! *PvP* [WH/NS]

From the depths of Nullsec to the ever changing frontiers of the Wormhole Balands, Very Italian People are recruiting once more!!! Do you have what it takes?"

Despite the misleading name, Very Italian People are an experienced International group, open to anyone interested in exploring the adventurous side of New Eden with them.

Our Origins hail from the Fountain region and at the moment are part of one of the top-notch coalitions out there (INIT).

We’ve got space for you to grow, plenty of time to sharpen your skills, and a welcoming environment where you can carve your own path.

VIP is a corporation that’s been around for some years now, prioritises PvP and maintains a laid-back approach to generating the ISK that fuels our appetite for ship destruction.

We’re fortunate to have Rocky Aivoras as our S-tier FC, who regularly leads fleets multiple times a week. A few of the most exciting fights can be seen in the videos below. In addition, he often takes on challenging encounters and comes out victorious.

Let’s be clear, we’re not about hand-holding, but if you’re the kind of laid-back individual we’re seeking, we’re more than willing to equip you with the tools to reel in the big catches alongside us!

What we bring to the Table:

  • Daily fleet engagements, organised by the Corp & Alliance, from small gang skirmishes to epic capital battles.

  • Casual international Aliance roams with some top-tier FCs.

  • Space for your preferred in-game activities, whether that’s ratting, exploration, mining, or whatever floats your spaceship.

  • Opportunities to thrive in our laid-back community.

What we expect from You:

  • Just be a cool, easygoing member of our crew. Drama and trouble aren’t our style.

  • Have at least 25 million skill points and a basic understanding of nullsec/wormhole space

  • And, of course, full ESI access for all your characters.

  • Discord: VIP Discord

  • In-game Channel: VIP.pub

Prepare for an electrifying journey with Very Italian People, where PvP is our heartbeat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a battle-hardened veteran or a fresh recruit, all are welcome. Drama gets left at the door. Embrace epic battles and camaraderie. Come ride the wave of adrenaline with us!

P.s. we like talking about food😅

Epic Space Battle 1

Harcore Pewpew 2

Ships go Boom 3

Rocky’s work 4

Convinced yet? 5

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BUMP. Get ready to Rock &Roll with us!
Let’s harpoon some big whales in Null from our WH connections!
Things are heating up!


Free bump. O7

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