Looking for any sec mining Corp

Been playing off and on for while, looking to get back on to mining mostly, but can PVE and PVP a little not good.

Played in most secs and wh also. Causal player.
Enjoy mining and drink and talking ■■■■.
Please let me know if you are looking for peoples

Hello would you like to join us https://discord.gg/yEBxsa

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Hey mate!! Swing by to chat with us in game or contact our CEO.
We love mining/indy/pvp, and are becoming a tight-knit group within a fun alliance.

Hiya Jackie,

I think Celestial Precision is the corp for you. We are a fast growing corporation with a strong basis in industry and pve, run by experienced players from all walks of eve life who just want to kick back and enjoy the more relaxing side of EVE.

Weve got a base system in Minmatar Space near to Rens, with all the belts you could want, and even some ice. We have a number of members with access to orcas and fleet boosts, so you wont be alone!

Celestial Precision is focused on creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere for pilots of all skill levels, to hang out, drink if they got em, and shoot some damned rocks.

If youre interested, shoot me a mail in game and ill be more than willing to answer any questions you may have.


We are looking for volunteers
Pop into our public chat and talk to a member of our management
We are Red Phenix Rising

Hey there we can help you with everything you have asked for with minimal fuss or commitment. Mail me in game for more details if interested

hi there jackie. my corp and the alliance blind obedience are looking to recruit.
our corp and alliance are fairly new, but our members arent. weve been around for well over a decade.
we recently took some space in sov null to the east of the map and are looking to take hold of the area.
although currently small we have a good base and some good members and are looking to expand further with your help.
we offer good industry and manufacturing and also pve should you fancy some easy isk. we are an older group of people and very laid back with our approach. but with a bit of pvp and fun, im sure youd fit in fine

hit us up in the ‘helgaswhorehouse’ in game channel for more info

Enjoy our perks at FDS.

SGU is looking for new members we are a mining /pve/pvp corp
moons all the moons :slight_smile:

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