Looking for aspiring FCs and PVPers for fights and empire building

To all New Eden pilots with empire-sized ambitions,

I’d like to invite you for a new and exciting project. Please observe that this is an alt character and more details about the corporation will be revealed privately for those interested.

I’m looking for players who like to PvP and at the same time have their eyes on the bigger picture of what EVE online is. In other words, people who like to PvP for a certain purpose and not only for the sake of PvP itself. The long term goal of this corporation (and, eventually, alliance) will be to settle structures in HiSec, aiming at creating and protecting a network of services including refining, manufacturing and trade, all of this inside a small trade hub.

“But where does PvP fit into that idea?”, you might ask. The answer is simple: I have tried to establish an industrial and trade corporation before, but I came to the conclusion that, without strong PvP support, such attempts are likely to end up at the mercy of more PvP-oriented groups and wardecs. So I decided to start fresh with a different mindset: first, establish a strong PvP wing, without worrying about industry and dedicated only to PvP, and only after that anchoring structures and claiming a corner of HiSec.

For this endeavor, I’m going to need good FCs and PvPers. This first stage of the corporation will be focused primarily on PvP development and practice in all of its forms, including HiSec wardecs, lowsec/nullsec roams, WH diving and structure bashing, with small and medium-sized fleets. Ideally, PvP pilots and FCs joining now should also like the idea of eventually claiming and protecting an area of HiSec space and transitioning into more defensive PvP.

We’re open to all types of players, newcomers and veterans alike, and we’re willing to provide all the training and time necessary for the development of a solid PvP operation.

If you’re interested, send an ingame email to Winged Lion and/or reply to this thread. Looking forward to flying with you in the battlefield!

As a PvPer, sadly both Highsec wardecs and citadel warfare are about the worst content there is.
It’s unlikely you’ll be able to recruit the required critical mass of players for your project, even if you find competent FCs capable of dealing with highsec mechanics.
Also keep in mind there is always a bigger fish, even with a big group empire building requires blues, friends and joint-ops every know and then.

Good luck, you’ll need it

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