Looking for casual friendly 0.0/Low sec corp

hey so we are a group of guys who all left eve at some point and came back together during covid most have wives and kids now but we are an active group that recognizes real life comes first mindset. When it comes to pew we take it serious and have no issue breaking out the big guns or being flexible and filling out the fleet. Everyone in the corp likes to pvp and we all prefer more targets and less blues. if there’s nothing going on, you’ll find members out roaming by themselves our in small groups. We don’t mind the killboard being a little red if you wanted to try out or a new doctrine and it doesn’t work out or if you got blobbed because you killed the third afk Ishtar and Frat warps a fleet on top with bubbles and marauders. If you looking for a corp to fly with you should at least check us out.