Looking for corp that will be Angel cartel aligned for the update

I have a 54mil character.

Hello Contract McContracton!

Welcome to the wormhole life at Cryptopia! Your interest in the Angel Cartel, especially with the upcoming update, definitely piques our interest. While our primary focus is J-space exploration and its unpredictable challenges, we are a tight-knit community that values the opinions and preferences of its members.

Historically, we’ve had inclinations towards certain factions, such as the Calmil in faction warfare, largely influenced by our dedicated members. While we currently don’t have a concrete stance for or against the Angel Cartel, our collective ethos means that active, opinionated members can drive our future directions. With your expertise and passion, you could be that voice to shape our approach in this matter!

What you’ll find in Cryptopia:

  • Adaptive Gameplay: Our small scale ensures that we can pivot and adapt our strategies based on the collective’s interest.
  • Empowered Members: Every pilot matters. Your voice will not just be heard but can influence our direction.

If aligning with the Angel Cartel and carving out your own niche in a close-knit community is what you’re after, I’d love for you to consider Cryptopia. Feel free to jump into our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia for a chat or reach out in-game.

Hope to see you among our fleet soon, Contract! Fly safe and may our paths cross in the intricate corridors of J-space.

Best wishes,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

Hey, Contract.
Hope you are doing well. I figured we’d reach out and say hi. I think our group of misfits might suit you well.

We live in Angel Space and are always looking for fellow players to come hang out.

You can check our recruitment page below, for info on how to get ahold of us :smiley:
We all hope to hear from you soon!


You can join any corp in the imperium and their FW sig will include angels.

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